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Parenting University:

The Parenting University is designed to teach parents social, emotional, and behavioral skills when working with children who have behavior issues. Each session targets key topics that are common among flustered parents. The Love and Logic model is used in addition to other important techniques to insure quality parenting and love between the parent and child. The sessions are interactive and hands-on which helps the parent use their new learned skills more effectively.


Mentoring Services:

P.R.E.S.S.S  is an enrichment program designed to help mentor adolescent and young adult girls in the areas of Pride, Respect, Empowerment, Self-Esteem, Socialization and Scholarship. Young ladies ages 11-24 are encouraged to join and gain the skills they need to succeed in this world.  We will also give emotional,health, behavioral, moral, and academic support to the young ladies of this program. The leadership skills and strategies taught in the program inforce cultural enrichment, community engagement, positive modeling, therapeutic approach, and spirituality.

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